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About a month ago I was inspired to start blogging about my technical skills (mentioned in this post). Recently I came across these two posts from Kendra Little and Paul Randal of why do people blog about SQL Server or have a technical blog, and get me to review my goal of my technical blog.

Blogging makes me dig deeper (and sometimes wider) on the subject I blog. Usually when I came across a new method or concept, I research and try to get a good understanding on the topic, and at the same time, find out what are others' opinions on the subject and explore if there are better options available. It may takes me longer to start using the technology, but that is where blogging come into place. I get away from my regular work routine, slow down and take some times off to evaluate new or old technological methods.

One of the reason I blog (technical or non-technical) is I want to be able, in the future, to go back and refresh my memory on something I have previously learned or something interesting I came across. I believe it also help me to retain the knowledge longer since I have to do more works (read, write, maybe talk?) with it.

I made this blog a public blog. I hope it could help others whom may be encountering the same problem or researching the same topic to be benefit from my experience. In order to serve these technical oriented audience better, I decide to separate this technical blog with my personal blog. I don't want to annoy my technical audience of trivial things like what movie I like to watch and silly things I like to do. So, here it comes my very own technical blog, 

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