NoSQL - MongoDB Free Courses

Have you been hearing all the buzz about NoSQL? Have you been tasked to research or provide assistance on some NoSQL database system? Are you interested in learning more of NoSQL/MongoDB? If yes, read on.

NoSQL databases provide storage and data retrieval mechanism differs from traditional relational database. It generally strikes for design simplicity, horizontal scaling and significant performance benefit over certain database operations.

MongoDB, one of the most popular NoSQL database system, has been adopted by many major companies like Craiglist, Intuit, Ebay, MTV Networks, Foursquare and many others for their websites and services. MongoDB utilizes document-oriented database implementation with JSON-like documents (BSON). Some of its main features include, load balancing, file storage, indexing and replication.

If you are interested in learning of MongoDB database, there are free courses available starting today (MongDB for DBA) by one of the original author of the MongoDB. There are courses for developers too! Check them out at MongoDB University.

There are courses for DBA and developer. Please note that each course start on a different date and schedule. Click the link below the subject you interested.

MongoDB for DBAs - More Info
MongoDB for Python Developer - More Info
MongoDB for Node.Js Developer - More Info
MongoDB for Java Deveoper - More Info

Happy learning!

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