Microsoft Certification Program - Promotion

If you are thinking of getting certified with Microsoft, there is no better time but now. Microsoft is offering a lot of free preparation materials together with special offer discounts!

There are so many benefits of being certified. You get recognized with better chances of finding job, program benefit like access to latest evaluation software, and learning the technology more comprehensively. The newly reinvented Microsoft certification separate into 5 main categories; Server, Desktop, Office, Database and Developer. You can find out more here.

If you are ready to get certified or thinking about it, Take the Microsoft 90 days challenge! Microsoft is currently offering the 90 Days to MCSA program, focusing on Windows server and SQL server. This offering provides tools, free resources, community supports, and a 15% discount of the exam bundle. Click the image for more details.

Another special offers is the Get a second shot at Microsoft Certification for free program. You can retake the exam second time for free! Register the second shot voucher and apply during checkout. If you choose for a MCSA, MCSE and MCSD certification pack, you get a 15% discount! You can still choose the second shot for single exam. This offer expires on June 30, 2013.

Hope this promotions encourage you to get certified. Have fun learning and wish you all success.

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