SQL Server Configuration Manager (SSCM) on Remote Server

SQL Server Configuration Manager (SSCM) provides basic configuration management for SQL Server services such as setting service properties and network protocols. This tool is essential for managing SQL Server services. The console itself does not have the option to connect to remote SQL Server services, but actually there is another console designed for this.

SQL Server Configuration Manager can only manage its local SQL Server services. It allows remote management; not managing remote server services, but allowing other computer to manage its services. The tool to use to connect to a remote SSCM is by using computer management console.

By default, the computer management console is connected to local computer when it first open. Right click on the Computer Management, and it allows you to connect to another computer. If the remote server has SSCM installed, it will shows within the services and applications. As shown in the picture below, the Computer Management console is connected to a remote server that has both SSCM 2008 R2 as well as SSCM 2012 installed, hence two SQL Server Configuration Manager listed.

Both remote server and local server need to have SSCM previously installed. It can be installed during SQL Server installation by checking SQL Server shared features - client tools at SQL Server feature selection step.

So now, in addition of using SQL Server Management Studio to remotely access, configure and manage other SQL Server, you can use Computer Management console to remotely manage SQL Server services and its network protocol.

No more excuse for remote desktop connecting to your server.

If firewall is turned on, visit this post for firewall configuration.

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